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You are the next star!

Etoile by Les Chefs Educational Group is the most specialised School for Gastronomy and Tourism. It was founded by professionals in the Food and Hotel Business in 2011.

Educationally, Etoile by Les Chefs supports three (3) Specialties: Chef, Pastry Chef and Hotel Management.

Our mission is to create top-notch and innovative educational programmes for the training of professionals who stand out in the Food and Tourism market, both in Greece and on a global level.

To this end, students of Etoile by Les Chefs have, over their two-year studies, top instructors and teachers with academic knowledge, long experience in the field of education and a significant presence in the marketplace.

The student of Etoile by Les Chefs is not the number on a registration list. We pursue a personal relationship with each student, aiming at his smooth course towards Success!

Every year we provide at least 20 specialized seminars in Cooking, Confectionery and Hotel Studies absolutely free of charge, which in practice differs educationally from any other school.

The courses at Etoile by Les Chefs do not take place in the form of sterile knowledge. Our students learn to work in real working conditions, acquiring the skills for a brilliant career in Greece and abroad.

It is not by chance that all students of the Etoile by Les Chefs, from the very first year of their studies, practice in the largest food and hotel establishments such as Disneyland, Hilton, Grecotel Hyatt, Marriott, Great Britain, Intercontinental, The Westin Resort Costa Navarino, Yes Hotels, The Golden Age, Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses.

Etoile by Les Chefs is housed in a contemprary, seven-storey building, located at a key point in Neos Kosmos, next to the Metro and Tram, making it easy for everyday access.

Studies are a major investment for the future, an essential passport for a brilliant career. With us you will become the next Star.


Etoile by Les Chefs  welcomes you to success!

*Etoile in French means star. Etoile in the marketplace means prestige. 



ETOILE by Les Chefs offers specialized L+T  Programs which combine seminarial training in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Greek Civilization.

The L+T programs (packages)  are ideal for those who are interested in learning the Greek Gastronomy /culture and combine their learning experience with superb mini vacation in Greece:

  • Professionals in Gastronomy (chefs, restaurateurs, food critics, dieticians, hospitality professionals, etc).
  • Academics, teachers and students
  • Alumni
  • World travelers

Such programs are:

  • Short in length (1-2 weeks)
  • All-inclusive (include: instruction/training, accommodation, guided field trips, visits, materials, transfers, etc)
  • Hands-on experience
  • Reasonably priced
  • English spoken
  • Instructed by expert Greek Chefs

2019-2020 Packages

  • Gastronomy Tour in Greece (14 days)
  • Ancient Greek Gastronomy (12 days)
  • GREECE: The Roots of Western Civilization (14 days)

Please contact the International Marketing Dpt of ETOILE by Les Chefs for further information, email: info@etoile.edu.gr



Food services continue to be one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries in Greece and worldwide. This programme concentrates on both the theoretical and practical aspects of culinary management as courses impart the basics of both cooking skills and day-to-day operational management of a restaurant’s dining room, kitchen and staff members.

This Cooking IVT Programme, is accredited and validated by the Greek Ministry of Education, helps students prepare for such challenging careers as restaurant and catering managers and also as institutional food service managers. In Etoile students are provided with textbooks, study guides and supplements as their basic course materials and are also offered support and tutorial assistance. Broad course objectives include how to choose recipes to develop menus for all types of functions, provide table service as well as food preparation and storage. The programme consists of comprehensive lessons, comprising lesson summaries, detailed lesson plans, tests and examinations and lesson specific recipes. In addition to developing students’ knowledge of the concepts, preparation, and basic skills in the classroom, we give them hands-on experience with full internships and externships at a fine dining establishment – the perfect conclusion to our extensive programme.

What’s more, throughout the academic year, distinguished visiting executive chefs offer focused, short-term, hands-on master classes to professionals and non professionals in specialty aspects of pastry, by bringing in our educational setting prominent national and international figures.

Pastry Chef

The profession of Pastry Chef is one of the most sought-after professions nowadays. Etoile’s Pastry Chef Programme graduates enter a broad range of entry points into the food service industry through a hands-on foundation of specialized skills in creating breads, cakes, specialty breads and desserts, chocolates, tarts, e.t.c. By attending this Programme, students acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience to launch their real career as a professional pastry chef. In addition to these skills, they will receive the proper tools in order to get ready to take the culinary world by storm as they start their career as pastry chefs.

Etoile’s in depth courses expose the students to a complete learning experience, starting with the most basic skills and moving though advanced techniques.  In each course, students work in small classes, conducted in a comfortable setting. Etoile’s Management and Instructors take pride in the quality of the courses, offered by placing emphasis on the art and science of pastry. The ‘boutique’ classes focus on artistry, visual presentation, theory, method and technique, giving students the knowledge required for a successful pastry career. This Pastry Chef IVT Programme, is accredited and validated by the Greek Ministry of Education.

Last but not least, in Etoile students are provided with textbooks, study guides and supplements as their basic course materials and are also offered support and tutorial assistance.

What’s more, throughout the academic year, distinguished visiting pastry chefs offer focused, short-term, hands-on master classes to professionals and non professionals in specialty aspects of pastry, by bringing in our educational setting  prominent national and international figures.

Hotel Management

The “Hotel Management” curriculum lasts 2 (two) years and combines theoretical and practical training in a state-of-the-art training area, specialized seminars by top professionals of the largest Hotel Businesses and educational visits to the actual workplaces.
The student of tourism professions at Etoile by Les Chefs, from the very first moment of his training, attends simulation courses such as BAR, RECEPTION, hotel services and hotel room, acquiring all the necessary skills to meet the highly dynamic and competitive area of Management Hospitality and Food Businesses, claiming high jobs.
During the course “Hotel Management”, the candidate has the potential, from the very first time of his studies, to work mainly during the summer months in big hotels and catering companies in Greece and abroad, strengthening his CV and gaining a very long experience.
Etoile by les Chefs’ career office is by the students’ side both from the beginning of their studies and after the end of their studies in order to advise them and support them in all their professional decisions.


 Etoile by Les Chefs

81 Ilia Iliou Str., 117 44, Neos Kosmos
(Neos Kosmos Metro Station)

Tel: 2109271130
Fax: 2109271149
Email: info@etoile.edu.gr
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Neos Kosmos Metro Station
Red Line (2)
Exit: Ilia Iliou street

Neos Kosmos
Τ4 Syntagma – Piece and Friendship Stadium
Τ5 Syntagma – Voula

Walking Distance

  • Syntagma:  2.5 χλμ 35′
  • Acropolis: 3.7 χλμ 47′
  • Kolonaki: 3.2 χλμ 38′
  • Gazi:        3.5 χλμ 46′


Etoile infrastructure is unique. Just like you!

Etoile by Les Chefs features state-of-the-art workshops, ergonomic classrooms and a monastery-style cellar with hundreds of wine labels from the Greek and International Vineyards.

The workshops of the School are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and all indoor spaces are designed to meet the high demands of Gastronomy and Tourism.

Etoile’s fully equipped facilities include standard workshops:

  • Cooking
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Bar and Coffee
  • Restaurant overlooking the Acropolis
  • Seminar room with high-tech Miele devices
  • Library
  • Computer Room
  • Reception and hotel room simulation
  • Changing rooms with individual lockers

Safety and Accessibility

Etoile’s facilities have been audited by the National Certification Body and are a standard of accessibility and safety. The building is fully accessible to people with disabilities and is covered by an integrated system of passive and active fire safety, and it has a town planning permit, overcoming the most stringent seismic protection and safety requirements.

For us, safety is an investment. At Etoile we use electricity and not gas workshops.

In collaboration with distinguished organizations, we continuously monitor our facilities to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment.