FROM September, 1st


BEGINNERS LEVEL | 60 HOURS | September 2020

This four-week course offers you a thorough knowledge of basic cooking techniques. It’s designed for those who wish to become a professional cook and enter the food industry. It is also suitable for those wishing to learn the basics of classical cookery as a life skill.

Focused on the Mediteranean cuisine, students will become familiar with basic cooking tricks, cutting techniques, broths, stocks and sauces, numerous hot and cold dishes based on meat and fish, Greek and international soups, pasta and rice, Ladera (Dishes of ‘oily’ food), salads, spreads and types of bread, cold and hot appetizers etc.

Advanced training courses to follow in September.
FROM September, 1st



Are you passionate about pastry? Seeking to advance your career and skill or become an enterpreneur? In this four-week program you will learn all the fundamental methods and techniques – traditional and modern – that can make your creativity shine. 

Under the guidance of our world-class Chef Instructors you will learn all the secrets of preparing a variety of deserts such as cookies, cakes, syrupy deserts, pasteli, Bars, Florentines,tarts, Crème Brûlée,  panna cotta, karioka, chocolate bites, galaktoboureko, saragli, baklava, brownies, banoffee, moelleux. From creaming methods and common baking techniques to modern creative pasrty techniques, the course will leave you with knowledge valuable for every life setting. 

Continue your studies with extra training to begin in September.

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